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Phila Community Builders

As a Community Development organization, we offer high-performing S.T.E.A.M. driven Liberal Arts education improvement programs. Ours reinforce what students learn in school by adding highly technical training that engages students in every subject.

How we instruct:

Our “Teacherpreneurs” sculpt individual plans that help our students function at grade level mastery regardless of socioeconomic status, prior achievement, or educational needs. Y.E.T.P.A.S. prepares students with the education, skills set, and professional development necessary to compete in a highly technical, global economy.

Phila Community Builders

Provides a full range of social service and innovative educational improvement programs and courses. Our curricula produce a measurable impact on the symptoms of impoverishment. PCB is dedicated to community and neighborhood-based initiatives that stimulate comprehensive and long-lasting development and revitalization.


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